Clarion to support European Dealer Championship

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Clarion Gaming, which works with the industry to deliver a host of world class business-to-business gaming events, including, ICE (London), Japan Gaming Congress (Tokyo), Juegos Miami (Miami), Brazil Gaming Congress (Sao Paulo) and EiG (Berlin), has joined the roster of sponsors that are supporting the European Dealer Championship, which is being held this year at the Hippodrome Casino, London (8th – 10th May).

Red carpet for Rainbow Casino

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The great and the good of Cardiff descended on Rainbow Casino on Mary Ann Street in the centre of Cardiff for a star-studded VIP event. Local celebs, dignitaries and members of the Cardiff business community were all in attendance to enjoy the celebrations.

The venue was officially opened by Wales and Blues Captain Sam Warburton, the Lord Mayor of Cardiff, Rainbow Casino Managing Director Duncan Savage and Cardiff Casino General Manager, Richard Phillips.

Suzo Happ at G2E Asia

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SUZOHAPP will be exhibiting at the upcoming Global Gaming Expo Asia (G2E Asia) show that will take place in Macau, the heart of Asian gaming, between the 16th and 18th of May.  The G2E Asia is the industry’s one-stop sourcing platform for gaming and entertainment products for forward-thinking casino operators in Asia.  SUZOHAPP is ready to welcome visitors at booth #1125 to show a variety of unique components and solutions that meets the demands of various gaming market segments.

Slot Machines: The Winning Strategy

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Despite what many think... there’s no 100% strategy for cheating slot machines. The algorithm is completely random, so you can’t be winning all the time. But you can gamble safe, smart and responsible, getting the most out of your money. Here’s how:

Top 7 Disruptive Innovations in Gambling

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Casinos are changing rapidly with technology changes and cultural changes. These changes altered the way casinos work forever – take a look!



Smartphones are tiny computers in player’s pocket that can function like a perfect little online casino. Gambling apps market is growing rapidly today, becoming a big rival for real casinos. They made gambling very much accessible to users, in all parts of the world.



How to gamble responsibly

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To be a successful gambler you need to gamble responsibly, to control how much money and time you’re spending on gambling. Gambling needs to be only an entertainment for you, not a lifestyle or a way to make money.

The vast majority of adults who gamble do it responsibly.

When you’re gambling, you’re really just buying some sort of entertainment – be it poker, blackjack, bingo, sports betting or slots. So, as a consumer and as an adult you need to know that you have other responsibilities in life.

Chinese Gambling Superstitions - No Sex the night before!

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Chinese gamblers are one of the most superstitious crowds in the world. Gambling and luck is rooted deep in Chinese culture, that’s why there are so many beliefs surrounding it. Some people even got nice fortunes thanking to these superstitions!

Here are some superstitions from China that made their way to casinos all over the world:

What to do while you’re in Vegas

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Some tips on how to make your Vegas trip an unforgettable experience

1. Don't gamble against the locals

You’re sitting to play poker and your dealer knows everyone by name? They are regular customers. These locals make their living playing against tourists. So, if you see that, just grab your chips and go to another table – the one where tourists play, ideally drunk ones. Better to head to the poker room at night, when all locals are asleep.

2. Get drunk at cheap slots

Biggest mistakes you can make while gambling

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Casinos make money on the house edge, but you still can be lucky and win sometimes. But you can lower your overall odds by making mistakes – know what mistakes you should avoid!

Borrowing money to play

Consider all the money you brought to the casino lost. It’s simple - gambling is a form of entertainment and you pay for it. Budget the casino money, don’t spend more and leave your credit cards at home!

Not knowing the rules

Biggest Casino Heists in History

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Ocean's Eleven is a fiction, but big casino heists do happen! Here's a list of most interesting of them:


Easy as pie

In 1992, cashier at Stardust casino in Vegas went on a usual lunch break. The trick is his bag was stuffed with casino chips and cash - $500,000 overall. FBI searched all over the US for him, but he’s never been caught. There’s a rumor that his accomplice killed him and got all the money. But we’ll never know the truth.


Bonnie and Clyde