Top 7 Disruptive Innovations in Gambling

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Casinos are changing rapidly with technology changes and cultural changes. These changes altered the way casinos work forever – take a look!



Smartphones are tiny computers in player’s pocket that can function like a perfect little online casino. Gambling apps market is growing rapidly today, becoming a big rival for real casinos. They made gambling very much accessible to users, in all parts of the world.



Complimentary services can be a big attraction to gamblers. This includes everything from alcohol and meals to free hotels, flights and limos. But, casinos aren’t just that kind to give away free stuff – they give this so that players could gamble more and more.


Hole cameras

These cameras show poker player’s cards to TV audience – but not to other players. Cams are used at most major poker tournaments now – and it makes the game more entertaining and interesting. Viewers feel like they know all the secrets!


Video slots

This hi-tech machines almost completely replaced plain old slot machines that actually have a spin mechanism. Casinos are packed with video machines now – and they collect a lot of profit.


Loyalty programs

Nowadays players can get a loyalty card in online casinos and solid casinos. That way they can track your spending habits and get you to gamble more. Also player cards give big discounts and other incentives, like complementary service.


Progressive Jackpots

Anyone can get a big jackpot in casino nowadays – because of progressive jackpots. Earlier, you could win big money only by betting big, but now you can win it playing pennies. Odds are small, but that’s the thrill of gambling!


Live dealer casino online

Casino games are more accessible to players now with the invention of online casinos. It’s convenient and provides real interaction with dealers. The experience is more authentic and glamorous, just like in real casinos. 

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