Biggest mistakes you can make while gambling

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Casinos make money on the house edge, but you still can be lucky and win sometimes. But you can lower your overall odds by making mistakes – know what mistakes you should avoid!

Borrowing money to play

Consider all the money you brought to the casino lost. It’s simple - gambling is a form of entertainment and you pay for it. Budget the casino money, don’t spend more and leave your credit cards at home!

Not knowing the rules

Playing in the casino is fun; but if you’re new to it, you may be anxious playing table games and stick to slots instead. Table games are exciting and have better odds – just see some tutorials and ask the dealer at a slow table to teach you.

Making bad bets

Table games have low house edges, but some bets are more equal than others. Learn what bets lower your advantage!

Being greedy

Most gamblers get greedy. If they start to win, they start making higher bets. Have a discipline and walk out of the casino with profit.

Playing too long

The more you play, the more you lose – because, statistically, casinos get their edge back. Playing long is a sure way to lose all your money. Don’t lose a track of time!

Drinking alcohol

Alcohol makes you lose control so you’re more likely to continue playing and losing money. That’s why a lot of casinos offer free alcohol. Don’t do bad decisions – drink when you finish playing!

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