How to gamble responsibly

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To be a successful gambler you need to gamble responsibly, to control how much money and time you’re spending on gambling. Gambling needs to be only an entertainment for you, not a lifestyle or a way to make money.

The vast majority of adults who gamble do it responsibly.

When you’re gambling, you’re really just buying some sort of entertainment – be it poker, blackjack, bingo, sports betting or slots. So, as a consumer and as an adult you need to know that you have other responsibilities in life.

Gambling is all about the odds – and we know that odds are always in house’s favour. Just like any other business, casinos make profit, and a lot of it. However, they are legally required to do it honestly and fairly.

Every player has a responsibility to budget his or her activity, just like other sorts of entertainment – restaurants, cinemas, shows… Set the budget, spend only what you can afford and be a responsible gamer!

Good luck!

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