Slot Machines: The Winning Strategy

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Despite what many think... there’s no 100% strategy for cheating slot machines. The algorithm is completely random, so you can’t be winning all the time. But you can gamble safe, smart and responsible, getting the most out of your money. Here’s how:

  1. Choose smallest jackpot machines. If the jackpot is big, it’s harder to get it.
  2. Double check everything. There are machines that look exactly the same, but their jackpots might differ 10x – so do a double check!
  3. Play the highest stake. Play the highest denomination you can afford, so the machine will pay you back with the highest percentage.  Basically, penny slots have lower winnings that dollar machines. If you play progressive slots, you need to play maximum amount too – you won’t win a jackpot other way.
  4. Play in good locations – machines that pay better and more often are located in high visibility areas of the casino to attract new players.
  5. Budget! Decide how much money you can spend and follow your decision.
  6. Save any winnings. Play only with money you initially decided to spend; that way you’ll come out of the casino with something!
  7. Join the club. Use your club card every time you play – that way you’ll get more bonuses.
  8. Don’t play slots just to get free drinks and other comps. Clubs are taking advantage of you – you’ll get $10 drink while spending $100 at the slot machine!

Be responsible, have fun and good luck!

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